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TSI has been installing IP video security networks since 2007 and we have a long list of satisfied customers. We understand the unique requirements of city-wide surveillance networks and offer smart solutions that can adapt to changing needs. We also provide robust, trouble-free video security solutions to schools, hospitals, retail and law enforcement.

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Free training, service, upgrades and support are included for the first year.  There is a 3-year warranty on all cameras and the NVR hardware. Our video management software is easy to use and there are no recurring software licensing fees. 

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Let us introduce you to the best city-wide surveillance network on the market. Titan Video Management System is a modern video surveillance solution designed by TSI that does not disturb the aesthetic beauty of your city, is easy-to-use, and simple to deploy. Schedule your demonstration today.

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If you are a leader in the government or industrial sectors and would like to learn more about Titan VMS, call 618-606-9060.